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Heat & Moisture Exchangers (HME’s) from Pharma Systems is an easy way to correct this condition. An HME simply collects the patient’s expired Heat & Moisture within its hygroscopic media. Then it returns it during the following inspiration.

One very effective protection mechanism, is to capture airborne particles with airway filters. All breathing filters are based on the depth filter model which comprises an open matrix of fibers through which the patient can breathe easily and safely. It is also important that they are hydrophobic and repell water.

Our combined heat and moisture exchangers with bacterial/viral filters offer the user a high efficiency solution for breathing systems in a clear housing for easy inspection of secretions.

Pharma Trach Heat and moisture exchanger intended for tracheotomized spontaneously breathing patients. Recommended for respiratory care, ENT, Emergency and Home Care.

ICU, ENT and Emergency care Heat and Moisture exchanger Designed for trachotomized spontaneously breathing patients

The flexible link between the patient and breathing systems or the tool for positioning control

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